CSR Initiatives

Corporate Responsibilities

Corporate Social Responsibility is an integral component of our business strategy and the group continues to work towards improving the quality of life for the underprivileged citizens in our society through our areas of operation.

African Industries promotes and encourages economic, social, health and educational development within the community while giving active support to local initiatives. The economic implications of our operations and investment on the overall economy of Nigeria and the local communities are important to us.

African Industries recognizes the importance of the health and safety of its workers, our communities and environments. We are committed to operating our plants and assets in a manner that is safe for employees, business partners, communities and the environment. In accordance with UNICEF standards, child labour is strictly prohibited.

Initiatives taken by the Group:

  • We have taken several steps in ensuring a safe work environment, undergoing several trainings: use of proper safety devices as required, and establishing fire fighting and emergency evacuation plans
  • Employing certified safety officers to ensure that the safety laws, preventive maintenance and safety policies are enacted
  • The group runs a clinic in Nigeria to take care of medical needs of the employees and the local community
  • The medical team visits each industrial site for regular health check-ups of employees
  • Donated an ambulance, provided borehole facilities and overhead water tanks to the local community
  • For all semi-skilled and unskilled labour requirements at our industrial sites, the group makes every effort to engage and provide employment to the local community
  • Actively promotes the employment of women in the community as a part of social empowerment efforts
  • Active support in building roads from the site to the local community